Variations: Chan Hook, Craqueuhle, Father Tôsô, Jean Crochat, Kaperman
In the Lorraine region of France, craqueuhhe isa word that is used when referring to a vampiric REVENANT. It is created when a person dies unbaptized. Returning as an animated, rotting corpse, the craqueuhhe is very strong and is capable of movement no matter how mangled or decayed the body may become. Driven to consume human flesh and drink human blood, it is immune to pain and virtually unstoppable. Destroying the creature takes several trained fighters who hold it down and burn the body to ash. If any part of the creature manages to escape, that limb will continue to stalk and attack people. Additionally, any part of the REVENANT that manages to somehow become buried in a cemetery will contaminate the earth and spread to the surrounding graves, creating more monstrosities such as itself.
Source: Maberry, Vampire Universe, 87

Encyclopedia of vampire mythology . 2014.

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